V-SECTION TWO: Vulnerable Vulvas: Why Do Genital Anxieties Exist?

49 Dr Vajayjay’s! Privatize Those Privates!

49 The New View Campaign

53 The Labiaplasty Fad?

55 youthwellbeingproject.com.au

55 collectiveshout.org

60 Feral Cheryl

61 The Perfect Vagina by Dr Lindy McDougall

V-SECTION THREE: The Ugly Truth About Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery
84 Globally: Labiaplasty global statistics

94 Girls and Puberty

97 Centrefold

111 Safety Communication FDA LASER

117 Dr Alexandra Siegal and Dr Barbara M. Chubak

115 MJA podcast

115 Dr Melissa Buttini and Professor Christopher Maher

117 Jean Hailes Foundation

119 GSM

126 Vaginal Corona

131  Cosmetic Cowboys: The unregulated world of cosmetic surgery

V-SECTION FOUR: Vulva Victory

170 Dianne Ervine, Psychotherapist

179 Passionate Marriage by David Schnarch

180 Love and Limerence by Dorothy Tennov