The Happy Vulva

How to love your down-under

I am writing The Happy Vulva which is based on my PhD research and my knowledge as a psychologist in supporting women with genital and body image concerns in (and out of) the bedroom.

My research has found that women of all ages who are worried about the appearance of their vulva are vulnerable in having unnecessary and potentially risky ‘cosmetic’ surgery on their normal and healthy genitalia.

The Happy Vulva is a resource for women of all ages and health professionals. By reading The Happy Vulva you will be more Vulva-Literate and able to have more fascinating conversations with others about women’s body image and sexual well-being.

The Happy Vulva is a unique book and will cover a range of topics:

  •  You will be taken on a V-Tour – where you will be able to see and name the different parts of your vulva and how important   their role is in female sexual functioning.
  •  You will learn about genital image diversity and how each woman’s vulva is like a snowflake – all are unique and beautiful.
  •  You will understand in detail what is involved in eight different types of female genital ‘cosmetic’ surgery.
  •  You will learn self-help techniques to reduce genital image anxiety and increase sexual self-esteem using erotic sensate focus,   visualisation, mindfulness-based meditation and cognitive/behavioural techniques.

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